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Short Term Health - is it a viable option?

I'm sure you have run in to the problem of getting your open enrollment materials only to find another increase in payroll deduction AND an increase in the deductible!! You pay for the insurance, then you pay for the care when you receive it; so sometimes it can feel like a double whammy!

Short term insurance has come a long way! Whether your looking for an alternative to your work plan or in between jobs, or you are very close to Medicare age and need a solution. These are all reasons to try a Short Term plan. These plans do not comply with the ACA (Affordable Care Act) but some companies have excellent benefit packages that rival most large company plans. These plans do have a pre-existing condition clause, so if you have serious ongoing medical conditions this may not be an option for you. I have found I can save my clients up to 50% off of what they are current paying and the coverage is more than adequate. It brilliantly solves a very specific need. Call us today to get prices. 1-888-977-5901

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