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Agency Highlights

Benefits Broker or Your Human Resources Resource:

Today, a company's benefits programs can give you the edge in hiring that "key employee" or being an "employer of choice." Using the best technologies available, our benefit advisors literally take you and your staff out of the insurance business, and offer your employees the kind of service usually available only through much larger employers.

We save you money! Three direct reasons and one indirect reason:


  • We work with your insurance carrier to reduce renewal increases and reduce premiums by aggressive negotiations on your behalf.
  • We also complete marketing analyses to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price based on your history, demographics and plan design. If you are exceeding your budget we work to match your contributions levels to meet your budget guidelines.
  • We can also introduce the latest products that are tailored to reduce costs by implementing consumer-driven products which are designed to help you keep your costs low and provide tax-advantaged premiums for you and your employees.


  • By providing an outstanding employee benefit program your organization will send a "we care" message to your employees. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce. Employee turnover can be reduced and retention will be realized. Employee satisfaction translates to customer satisfaction and overall success!


Over 90% of all employers are in non-compliance with COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) and updated HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements—and the Department of Labor knows it. Fines, penalties, and ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) lawsuits range upwards from $100 a day for each employee and each violation. We provide updated COBRA notices and HIPAA assistance to help keep your personnel informed and up to date. We also offer actual COBRA administration at no charge.

Convenience for You:

Old Pueblo Benefits Advisors can provide all necessary posters, manuals, training, and education that you require to be in compliance with workplace law. We also provide your employees with all the information to make wise choices for themselves and their families, and keep them informed of the true value of the benefits you provide, so they can consider all the factors in weighing other employment opportunities.

...and Your Employees:

Your employees are too busy to spend time with insurance plan administration activities. Old Pueblo Benefits Advisors keep all required forms in stock and can provide your employee with answers to delicate or complicated questions without having to use your in-house HR staff, or sitting on hold with a provider help line.