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Benefit Counseling

According to Employees, benefits enrollment is one of the most intimidating, complicated, frustrating and stressful times for them.

With self-service technology being utilized it leaves them even more in a place of helplessness. Employers often do what’s best and right for the employee but that message rarely reaches the employee engagement level. In fact, most employees end up thinking they are getting a “raw deal” when in fact it is simply misperception. What is the answer? Offer one on one (1:1) in person counseling and provide a service that your employees will never thank you enough. We deliver customized benefits counseling sessions for each employee you present us with. We work directly with you to craft a benefits strategy that focuses on your specific initiatives. You direct the bus and we provide the vehicle to get you there. You become the Hero and the Employer of Choice in many cases.

Educated Employees

When an Employee is educated on what they are being offered, it is more likely they will appreciate what they have and feel more confident in their choices. This creates a sense of well-being and being cared for by their employer. This translates into better appreciation!

Successful Enrollments

Nothing is worse than having great benefits, great news about positive changes coming and then having that message fall flat!! HR becomes frustrated and overwhelmed. Come to their rescue by utilizing our services to ensure each employee is educated, consulted with and enrolled accurately. Happy workforce=happy & productive workplace!

We can meet with your employees on a One on One Basis on-site and at any location, anytime". We charge nominal fees with no gouging like other larger firms.